August 10, 2017

About Email Forwarders

Your MyWhitsunday.Web package includes up to three email forwarders. These are “virtual” email addresses that forward mail to your current email service.

For example, if your chosen domain is then you may choose to set up an email forwarder (or an “alias”) called Email sent to that alias can be forwarded to your current email address (e.g., which means you’ll start seeing mail sent to straight away, without needing to change any settings on your computer, or smartphone.

With a forwarder in place you can start printing up business cards and brochures with your new domain name on them (e.g. “Email us at”). As far as the rest of the world knows, your email address is, not

To truly complete the illusion, then you will want to make one or two small changes to your computer or phone settings, so that when you send email (via your existing email address), it looks as though it’s coming from one of your forwarders. If you don’t change these outbound settings then whenever you send email, your recipients will still see your “” address.

We have easy to follow instructions on how to set up gmail, yahoo, and hotmail ( to work with an email alias. If you are using an email address from your internet service provider (e.g.,, etc) then we recommend that you set up a free gmail or hotmail account for use with our service. Your sales representative can advise you on this.